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How To : browse

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When you click a topic, if it has replies, all the replies will be listed chronologically below. If there’s a reply which is not for the original topic but is for a specific previous reply, this reply will include a new link in its header with an image to show what this is ‘in reply to’ - clicking this link will refresh the display and shows that previous post above for context.

The original reply which was specifically replied to will also has a count of replies at the left bottom - clicking this link will refresh display to show the content of the replies below.


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How To: post

Use BBcode, Markdown or HTML to format your post. Iotronics.online has a live preview editor, You can see how your post would look like on the right.

Source Code

Use the </> button on the editor’s top bar:

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Copy image link and paste


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Copy link and paste in a new line

Online videos (Youtube etc.)

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Local images and files

Drag and drop in your post editor

How To : reply

Quoted text

If you want to quote some contents from a topic in a reply, just select the text and a “Quote” button will pop up.