DIY Capacitor power supply

(transform less power supply-1 )
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Today I’m talking about transform less power supply if you run sensor or microcontroller, you will need a cheap power supply to supply you 3.3 to 24v with Maximum current 1 Am, you can use battery or SMPS that will be more stable, I will make a series from 3 circuit without transform and its tasted & reversed from a lot of circuits Led blubs or sensor.
First of all caution work with grid electricity 220v can be fatal
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You should have the experience to work with hazard voltage or make your experiment with the limited current.

Capacitor power supply:

A capacitive power supply also called a capacitive dropper, is a type of power supply that uses the capacitive reactance of a capacitor to reduce the mains voltage to a lower voltage. There are several important limitations: First, the high withstanding voltage required of the capacitor, along with the high capacitance required for a given output current, means that this type of supply is only practical for low-power applications. (The capacitance needed increases with the current to be drawn; high capacitance mains-voltage capacitors are expensive and bulky.) The second is that due to the absence of electrical isolation between input and output, anything connected to the power supply must be reliably insulated so that a person can’t come into electrical contact with it
Capacitive power supplies typically have a low power factor.
When you make the capacitor, you have to constant loud which is supplied by power supply if you change the load, you have to change capacitor too.
The resistance of the capacitor can be determined from equation
X = 1/2PifC , voltage is 240v or 110 as grid voltage in your country
To determine the output current use ohm low: I=V/X+R1, X is the impedance of transformer &R1 is series resistor change the loud or open circuit output will be so high voltage without loud you will damage your component.

circuit explanation:
when the voltage is applied on the capacitor because of a high frequency an impedance will be formed as that will reduce the voltage some thing 1 megaohm resistor will set the charge-free after switching off the blubs 100 ohm 1w resistor will protect the circuit from alternative change till the circuit being stable bridge rectifier will convert AC to DC
the capacitor will make the signal more smother, output is LEDs
this circuit is commonly used in cheap led blubs the damage will begin after one led breakdown

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